Bienvenue au Tire Bouchon

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19 rue de la prefecture   et   7 rue de L'Abbaye 06300 NICE 



Lunch Menus :


For the lunch (Not the wednesday) we propose of you 2 Menus .There is two choices for the starter, one fish or one meat and two choices for dessert.


Entrée  +  Plat     Or     Plat  +  Dessert = 17€

Entrée  +  Plat  +  Dessert = 21€ 


From 11:45 am to 2:00 pm 



Evening and Lunch Menus


Menu du marché

Starter + Main + Dessert  


30€ / PEOPLE

Ravioles (pasta) of beef stew 


Small vegetables stuffed with meat (specialty of Nice) 


Vegetable soupe of the moment 


Beef stew and gnocchi (specialty of Nice) 


Mushroom risotto 


Lamb shank with aligot with Savoie Tomme cheese 


The dessert of your choice in the menu



The Tasting Menu


47€ / PERS 




 The perfect egg, with butternut caviar,  maple syrup, buckwheat lace


The trout gravlax, small radish from here and anyway, green lemon marmelade 


Fried scallop, mash celeriac, green apple, roasted hazelnut, yuzu


Chicken breast, Label Rouge, mushroom of the moment, mash carrots with ginger, juice with little bit wasabi


Dessert of your choice in the menu 


** cheese AOP plate + 4€**



 La carte D'hiver 



Trout The gravlax of trout, radish and green lemon jam                11€

Perfect egg, butternut caviar with maple syrup                              10€

Braised endive, meat juice Beaufort cheese and coppa ham            9€

Half-cooked foie gras with clementine aromes and chutney          16€

Soup of the moment                                                                          9€



Main Courses


Gently cooked Cod back, steamed leeks with vanilla, and emulsion                                          23€

Scallops just fried, mash celery and green apple, yuzu emulsion                                              24€ 

French beef filet  (200g), truffle mash potatoes                                                                         26€ 

Lamb shank, gently boiled in thyme juice, potato aligot with french tomme cheese                19€ 

Chicken breast, mushrooms of the moment, mash carrots with ginger,

                    chicken juice with wasabi                                                                                        22€




La mandarine;

Almond pastry, orange creamy, meringue and kumquat                                                     9€

Le vacherin;

Exotic jelly, passion fruit sorbet, meringue, mango and mascarpone whipped cream       9€

Le Mille-feuilles;

puffy pastry, vanilla cream, caramelized apple, salted butter caramel                               9€

Le gourmand;

Crunchy praline, dark chocolate sabayon, creamy gianduja, cocoa tuile                           9€

French cheese AOP plate                                                                                                    9€



Fresh and homemade cooking with seasonal produce.  The menu change every season