Bienvenue au Tire Bouchon

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19 rue de la prefecture   et   7 rue de L'Abbaye 06300 NICE 


Valentine's Day Menu 



50 € / pers


Glass of Champagne and his appetizer


Choice for the starter:


Half-cooked duck foie gras, green apples and chutney


Mango and citrus crab cannelloni 




  Choice for the main :


French beef , melting winter vegetables and Porto juice


The prawns, tagliatelles, unctuous and crispy corn, prawns sauce




Choice for the best before the end:


The crush: Whipped yogurt cream and kaffir lime, caramel heart and hazelnut biscuit 


Chewable: Fluffy chocolate biscuit, raspberry confit, dark chocolate sabayon, milk chocolate cream and fresh raspberry